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Biden or Trump: What Does the Future Hold for Farmers?


Election day is finally here—and represents an end to a long campaign season.

While the results may be delayed, and there are signals of a messy outcome, for farmers and ranchers, one certainty is the likely reduction in federal direct payments.

Experts seem to agree that the record direct payments to farmers this year is not a sustainable approach. Either candidate will likely face finding a solution to drawback those payments.

If former Vice President Joe Biden should win, Politico points out you can expect a major shift in farm and food programs. Most notably would be changes to increase support for nutrition programs, like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, and an increased focus on agriculture’s role in climate change.

A second term with President Donald Trump brings the expectation of continued deregulatory moves, a continuation of the current trade climate, and a likely target to streamline SNAP and other nutrition programs.