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Big Equipment Demands Special Care

Bill Ryle,

Day 1 of the Ft. Wayne Farm Show saw record crowds coming to see the latest in farm equipment and services.  The new lines of tractors, combines, and sprayers employ new technology and make new demands on the fuel and lubricants you put into them. Bill Ryle, with CountryMark, says putting low grade, hydraulic fluids into this high tech equipment is not a good investment, “With tractor hydraulic fluid there are so many components that operate off of that, you need a premium lubricant that will hold up in high temperatures as well as cold.”  He warned there are a lot of cheap, no-name brands that can harm your new equipment and shorten the life of today’s complex machines.


With growers farming more acres, this equipment is being asked to work longer and harder, and that requires premium fluid to keep them running. Ryle told HAT that moisture is an especially big problem, “When you get moisture in the system, it keeps the fluids from protecting the metal parts of your equipment and can cause serious damage and can limit the life of your equipment very quickly.”


Ryle recommends that, not only should farmers use premium hydraulic fluids, they should work with a qualified  provider, “You want to make sure what you are using is designed to work in your specific equipment.” CountryMark markets top-of-the-line fuels, lubricants, and hydraulic fluids for Indiana’s farm equipment. Equipment operators can get recommendations from CountryMark at the Ft. Wayne Farm Show or at CountryMark dealers and co-ops around the state.


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