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Big Year of Honors for Indiana Farmer


Huffmeyer honors

This year has been one of special honors for a southeast Indiana farmer. First at the beginning of the year he received the 2012 Conservation Farmer of the Year award presented by The Indiana Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts. Then Syngenta sales representative Larry Huffmeyer was honored as the Indiana Certified Crop Adviser of the Year.

“I got to see what was sent in on my afterwards,” he told HAT. “They contact your customers and your customers fill out an interview form and comment on what you do in your daily activities. It was quite a surprise to me and quite an honor because we go about our jobs and do our duties every day and it’s a real honor when customers think highly of what you do.”

That award is from Indiana Farm Bureau and the Indiana Certified Crop Adviser program. The conservation honor hits close to home for Huffmeyer, who says conservation is in your blood if you grow up in agriculture as he did.

“Early on I was able to learn a lot from my father and mother on the family farm concerning conservation. We have a family farm that has a lot of conservation needs and I learned that early on when I graduated from Purdue and started back in the family business with my father and mother. Conservation has been a big effort on the property that we manage.”

The family has worked closely with the soil and water conservation folks for many years and “some of the practices we installed with their help back in the 80’s are still in effect and still doing what they were designed to do. That’s been rewarding to put a practice in place and manage it and watch and see it continue on and do its job.”

Huffmeyer said much time over the years has been spent on soil conservation but now it’s time to intensify efforts toward water conservation. Hear more in the full HAT interview:Larry Huffmeyer of Syngenta