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BioAg Alliance Targets 250-500 Million Acres by 2025


bioagMonsanto and Novozymes announced a new 2025 acreage target that will guide the companies’ microbials business for the next decade. The two partners in The BioAg Alliance envision that their products will be used on 250-500 million acres globally by 2025, equivalent to 25-50% of all U.S. farmland. Today, the Alliance’s products are used on around 65 million acres. First announced in December 2013, The BioAg Alliance connects Novozymes’ BioAg operations with Monsanto’s microbial discovery, field testing and commercial capabilities.

The BioAg Alliance is currently leading the world’s largest microbial research program to develop the next generation of products. This year alone, the Alliance tested more than 2,000 microbial strains across 500,000 field trial plots.