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Biodiesel Board Thrilled with Growing List of B20-Ready Vehicles


The new 2014 Chevy Cruze light-duty diesel passenger car launched by General Motors is approved for use with 20-percent biodiesel blends. The biodiesel industry is celebrating the news. National Biodiesel Board Technical Director Steve Howell says many people don’t realize that today’s new technology diesel engines powered by ultra-low sulfur biodiesel blends provide tailpipe emissions as clean or cleaner than natural gas or gasoline – while providing superior fuel economy, horsepower and durability. NBB says a bumper crop of new 2013 clean diesel vehicles are beginning to arrive in dealership showrooms nationwide – including more new B20-approved vehicles from domestic automakers Ford and Chrysler. Ford is introducing a new diesel model in its Ford Transit full size van that is approved for use with B20 and Chrysler’s new 2013 Ram Heavy Duty diesel pickups are approved for general use with B20.

According to the National Biodiesel Board – more than 33 light and medium-duty diesel passenger cars and trucks – as well as heavy-duty diesel models from nearly 20 different brands – will be available in the market this year. NBB says nearly 80-percent of manufacturers selling diesel vehicles and equipment in the U.S. now warranty them for use with high-quality B20 biodiesel blends. The remainder are certified for use with five-percent biodiesel blends. The National Biodiesel Board is working cooperatively with those manufacturers to encourage and enable their support for B20 in all vehicles sold in the U.S.

NBB is headed to the 2013 National Automobile Dealers Association and American Truck Dealers Convention in Orlando this week. As part of the American Truck Dealers Convention – NBB will educate dealers about biodiesel use in the vehicles they sell during two workshop sessions. NBB will also exhibit at the NADA/ATD Expo.


Source: NAFB News Service