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Blender Pump Funds Available


For the second year, USDA is accepting applications for federal REAP funds to help gasoline retailers install blender pumps designed to give consumers flexibility and choice in the ethanol blends they use. This program offers funding for grants, and loan guarantees, but certain restrictions will apply on the size of the local communities and the businesses applying for the funds. Applications for this program are due on March 30, 2012.

Last year, USDA had plans to install 10-thousand blender pumps over the next five years. According to RFA Director of Market Development Robert White, – this program provided funding for more than 250 blender pumps last year. The Blend Your Own Ethanol campaign, a joint educational effort by the American Coalition for Ethanol and the RFA, will again offer free grant writing services to those interested in applying.

According to White – through the BYO Ethanol Campaign – there’s an ability to assist retailers in applying for these funds and help USDA and the Obama Administration achieve the renewable fuel goals they have put forward. White believes – with E15 fuel registration due any day – these blender pumps will help spread this new blend across the country.
Source: NAFB News Service




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