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BOAH and Producers get High Praise for Flu Response


Gov Pence on HPAI

Governor Pence at BOAHIndiana’s Board of Animal Health and poultry producers in southwest Indiana are being lauded for their swift action this year during the newest highly pathogenic avian influenza outbreak that was contained within Dubois County. Praise has come in from USDA and also Indiana Governor Mike Pence. He spoke with HAT last week.

“I’m just very proud of the response in being able to resolve the outbreak of high path avian influenza in what may well be record time. It’s a testament to a lot of good planning but also a lot of great collaboration. So I’m extremely pleased that we were able to resolve the issue quickly and that we were basically able to lift the quarantine level. My hat’s off to Dr. Bret Marsh, the Board of Animal Health, all the local officials and all our great poultry producers who worked in concert with state and federal officials.”

Pence said the multi state outbreak in 2015 helped Indiana learn, plan and drill for the next occurrence. The preparation paid off.

“This outbreak in the Hoosier state and the immediacy of our response was greatly facilitated because our team here had done the work and made the plans for this outbreak. Without the strong response by state and local officials, without the strong response of our producers around the entire Dubois County region, this could have been a much more significant event with much greater loss to this vital poultry industry in Indiana. So I think we did learn lessons from last year’s outbreak in other states.”

Crystal Egg at BOAHPence was presented a crystal egg by the Indiana poultry industry commemorating the state’s quick, effective response. The governor visited BOAH and presented Dr. Marsh and his team that same egg.

“They really deserved the credit and every Hoosier, particularly in agriculture should be proud of the Indiana team’s response.”

BOAH lifted the control area 2 weeks ago after all farms in the 6.2-mile radius tested negative throughout the 38-day period, based on guidelines by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Avian influenza poses no food safety threat with regard to poultry and eggs.