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BOAH Proposes Rules for Sale of Farm-Processed Poultry Products


Small farms in Indiana will have new sales options for their poultry that are slaughtered and processed on the farm. Under a provision adopted in the 2016 General Assembly, the Indiana State Board of Animal Health (BOAH) is proposing rules to allow expanded sales of products from small farms that meet new food safety standards. Members of the board voted to move forward and are accepting public comment until October 6, 2016, when they will take a final vote on the proposal.

The 2016 Indiana General Assembly passed House Enrolled Act 1267 to establish requirements for facilities exempt from inspection under state and federal law. The federal government requires all red meat products sold to consumers (except custom-exempt) to be inspected by a federal or state inspector, regardless of the size of the producer. However, poultry is treated somewhat differently. Poultry producers who raise 20,000 birds or fewer per year are eligible for certain exemptions from inspection. The purpose of HEA 1267 is to establish where and under what conditions this uninspected product may be sold in Indiana.

HEA 1267 requires BOAH to issue a limited permit for any establishment that is used for slaughtering or processing poultry under the 20,000-bird exemption. (No permit is required for farmers producing fewer than 1,000 birds; this remains unchanged.) Full text of the proposed rule and docket may be accessed at this link: www.in.gov/boah/2616.htm.

The proposed rule establishes two types of limited permits for poultry producers:

Limited Permit – Household Consumer (HC): This permit is required for a poultry producer who slaughters or processes 1,000 birds to 20,000 birds annually.  A holder of this limited permit may sell only to household consumers who: (1) are the last person to purchase the poultry product; and (2) do not resell the poultry.  Sales to household consumers may be made directly from the farm, through direct delivery, at a farmer’s market, or at a roadside stand.  The facility must comply with the following requirements:

  1. The establishment meets the federal sanitation and operating standards in 9 CFR Part 416;
  2. Poultry products are properly labeled;
  3. Notification to BOAH of the producer’s operating schedule;
  4. Must have an approved facility; and
  5. BOAH may enter and inspect the facility to determine continued compliance.

Limited Permit – Retail HRI: This permit is required for a poultry producer who slaughters 1 bird to 20,000 birds and wants to sell to household consumers and retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and institutions that resell or serve the products to consumers. The permit holder must comply with the requirements (set forth above) for sales to household consumers, as well as the following additional requirements:

  1. Create a food safety plan which includes an analysis of food safety hazards and control measures to address those hazards;
  2. Have at least one person from the establishment who has completed a meat and poultry product production food safety course; and
  3. BOAH may conduct microbial testing at the establishment.

BOAH will accept public comments until October 6, 2016, when board members vote on the final rule. If approved, the measure will take effect in January 2017. Comments should be submitted via email to: animalhealth@boah.IN.gov or by mail to: 1202 E 38th Street; Discovery Hall, Suite 100; Indianapolis, IN 46205.