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Brevant Seeds Hits Two-Year Mark


Yield have been all over the board for corn and soybeans this season. Between the tar spot impact on corn and some mixed results for early planted soybeans, it should have been expected says Kyle Quick, Brevant seeds retail product agronomist.

“Our early planted soybeans, which had done really well for us the past few years, missed some of those August rains, and the early soybeans seemed to be taking it a little rougher this year,” he says. “With our corn specifically, especially as I move north into northeast Indiana and closer to that Michigan line, tar spot seems to exponentially take effect on our corn crop and our yield.”

This is the second year Brevant has been on the market. Quick says he’s heard anecdotal evidence of the portfolio’s sensitivity to tar spot.

“We feel pretty blessed on where our genetics are holding up,” he says. “You’re still going to benefit from a fungicide or require a fungicide in some areas. This is our second year of collecting good data on it. Once we go into harvest and we start compiling this data, we’ll start to have some ratings for these hybrids going into next season.”

Looking ahead to 2022, Quick says product performance for the Brevant line has been speaking for itself.

“If we look at our market supply right now from 75-day corn all the way to 100-day corn, we’re getting in a fairly tight supply and it’s not due to production capabilities—it’s due to the organic growth that we’ve had over the past couple years,” says Quick.

If you’re looking for more information about Brevant seeds, contact your local ag retailer.