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Bringing Indiana Ag Back Together with Tuesday Tailgate Talks


A new webinar series from Purdue’s Center for Food and Agricultural Business is aiming to bring farmers and those in agriculture back together in a more informal setting. Tuesday Tailgate Talks begin at 4:30pm online via Zoom.

Dr. Scott Downey, Director of the Center for Food and Agricultural Business, explains what Tuesday Tailgate Talks are all about.

“We can do classes online; that works out okay, but the idea of having some informal interactions is also an important place where learning takes place. So, we kind of came up with the idea, I’ll confess that they were initially cocktail hours, but we thought maybe it’s a little more politically correct to call these ‘tailgate talks’ which is just a a couple guys hanging out by the tailgate and having a conversation.”

Downey says Tuesday he’ll be one of those guys sitting around the tailgate discussing research from Dr. Nathan DeLay about how farmers use data collected on the farm and how they are, or aren’t, putting that data to work.

Downey invites anyone in Indiana agriculture to register for the event, sit back, relax, and unwind around the virtual tailgate with whatever might be in your red Solo cup.

“I might even say that in some cases they might be joining the faculty in that regard. So, we’ll just see how loose everybody decides that it makes sense for them to be. But yes, relaxed, and casual and enjoy yourself. Add to the conversation or just listen, whatever you want.”

Tuesday Tailgate Talks will happen every other Tuesday through June and July. Future talks will revolve around farm finance, consumer behaviors, and much more. You can register now for Tuesday’s talk by visiting the Center for Food and Agricultural Business website.

You can learn more by listening to my full interview with Downey by clicking the play button below.