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Case Concept Tractor the Big Summer Farm Show Attraction



case-ih-autonomousReally it didn’t do anything but sit there at the Farm Science Review and other shows like Farm Progress prior to this week. But in London, Ohio the Case IH fully autonomous concept vehicle was the most photographed object. It was the most talked about as well, and that’s what the manufacturer was looking for at these shows, input from farmers about the future of driverless tractors.

“What our concept here is showing the autonomous components and solutions that we can install, not only on the fully autonomous tractor, but on a cabbed version as well,” explained Ryan Blasiak, Advanced Farming Systems Marketing Specialist with Case IH. He told HAT the company is using components like auto guidance that are already featured on tractors available today.

ryan-blasiak“Then we’re adding additional electronics and sensors to make it fully autonomous. So we have LiDAR (light imaging, detection, and ranging) on here and radar as well. What that’s actually doing is looking in front of the vehicle itself and sensing any obstructions or anything that may cause damage to that tractor or implement. Then it’s going to alert the operator and he can dictate what actions to take from there.”

The concept according to Blasiak includes better productivity and offering a tractor that doesn’t care what time of day it is.

“So if we can have this machine running

The concept vehicle has done real field work and you can view that in the popular YouTube video. Also at their website is a survey so the company can gain more input which will help guide their commercialization plans in the future.