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Ceres Solutions to Host Two Knowledge Events in August


There is much in agricultural production a local producer cannot control… weather, markets, tariffs, global demand. All the more reason, says Ceres Solutions Ceres Solutions CEO Jeff Troike, that we need to encourage each other, learn from each other, and work together successfully to control all that is in our power to control. “Today’s farmer is tackling all kinds of challenges, and seeking the right partners to help maximize the positive outcome of decisions. We want to be that partner.”

“Every single judgment call… every single decision you make now can have significant impact. The goal is to get the best information from the most trusted sources to optimize every opportunity,” he continued. To facilitate that process, Troike will welcome several guest speakers to address an expected crowd of more than 500 guests at the Ceres Solutions Knowledge Event in Perrysville, Indiana, this coming week. The event will be held Thursday, August 16. Connecting farmers with quality resources to help tackle agricultural challenges will be the focus of the day.

Guests will have the opportunity to visit with local and national experts, tour plots, connect with vendors and more. The Knowledge Event will begin at 9:00 a.m. EST, and a large trade show will open at 8:00 a.m. to set the stage for a full day of learning, interaction and information exchange. Session topics (more detail below) will include how to select the best hybrids and varieties, fundamentals for maximizing yield, performance results, fertility management programs, cover crop data, a weather data technology review, soil health topics, precision planting and PARP training for credit. Ceres Solutions expects to welcome hundreds of guests from all over the company’s 35-county trade area. The challenges facing those growers in 2018 have varied widely. Registered guests will enjoy lunch catered by the Beef House, and also tour a Trade Show of vendors and sponsors who offer information and show day discounts.

The agenda at Crops 63 includes:
 JD Rossouw, leader of Monsanto’s North American Plant Breeding team. JD oversees product development and field testing of all Monsanto Row Crops, with a focus on leading change for the future.
 Doug Brunt, Ceres Chief Strategic Officer, for an engaging Ag Outlook.
 PARP Session in the Main Tent with Purdue’s Fred Whitford
 VIP Plot Tours and Special Session on Answer Plot Insights: Review strategies and see for yourself how various practices and seed products performed under local conditions. Learn from leading agronomists –what’s being tested now and what’s to come?
 The Weather Factor: Weather forecasts use a complex series of weather modules. Let’s review the technologies available to farmers and how each of the models can offer you distinct advantages. Host: BAMWX weather expert Michael Clark.
 Cover Crops: The Positive Impact: Growers will learn… are they leveraging cover crops and sustainability practices to maximum advantage? What about residual weed control and timing, and your cover crop goals?
 Planting Dates Impact Soybean Results? Count on It! We’ll review varietal differences, and discuss current growth stages to make comparisons. We’ll make pod counts and explore how today’s soybean plants flower and set pods relative to planting date.
 Corn High Management Tips and Techniques: Check progress on local corn plots. We’ll review hybrids, and discuss current growth stages. Let’s check nutrients plant development, biology and cover what plans still must still be executed to achieve the yields you desire.
 Winning the Weed War: CCA/farmer Jeff Nagel takes the charge on discussing what sprayer techniques offer the most effective control. Learn insights on spray tips, coverage, GPA and drift reduction, plus in-season herbicide systems available today.

Chad Cass, Agronomy Business Manager for Ceres Solutions, is helping to coordinate the event. He says, “For Ceres Solutions, this is an opportunity for our team to pull together, and showcase and celebrate Indiana agriculture. We’re looking forward to another wonderful learning opportunity for our guests.” For those unable to attend this western-Indiana based Show, a second Knowledge Event will be hosted in north-centrally located Kosciusko County, at Mentone, on August 28. Producers can still register to attend both events at https://www.ceres.coop

Source: Ceres Solutions