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More Challenging Days Ahead for Field Operations



Planting progress this week across Indiana is likely headed for a pause. In the new planting forecast sponsored by the Indiana Corn and Indiana Soybean Checkoffs and First Farmers Bank and Trust, HAT chief meteorologist Ryan Martin says Friday should be dry but the weekend begins a rainy period that will be formidable.

“As we go through the Saturday, Sunday, Monday period we’re seeing statewide coverage at 100% in just those three days alone,” Martin explains. “I think you have to say on the bottom end it’s probably ¾ of an inch and on the top end if everything came together you could be looking at 3 to 3 ½ inches. So, there’s significance moisture coming across the state, and the hardest hit areas appear to be in the central part of the state, US 24 down to about US 50, but we’ve got rain statewide this weekend through early next week.

The forecast is a little bit drier once we get past Tuesday, but if your area is hit with one to three-inch rainfall amounts, a quick dry down paving the way to more field work is not a likelihood.

“You need back to back to back days of dry, beautiful evaporation weather in order to even think about it. I’m going to give you a dry northern Indiana period on Tuesday, still looking at rains down south. I’ll give you a dry Wednesday statewide, but then what happens on Thursday? I’ve got moisture back in, a few hundredths to half an inch, not enough drying happening there.”

A week from now, Friday through Sunday, looks like a dry period. But again, it is a limited period of time, and Martin says “I still have the 11 to 16-day forecast window that says we could see moisture coming back the 25th into the 26th, maybe another wave around the 28th, so I’m still not convinced we get back to back to back dry days that we can do anything with, let alone, remember next Thursday starts the delayed planting window on soybeans.”

Warm weather would help the corn crop right now, but Martin continues to call for temperatures in the normal to below range.

The planting forecast is sponsored by the Indiana Corn and Indiana Soybean Checkoffs and First Farmers Bank and Trust.