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Checking Your Bins Just Got A Whole Lot Easier


With this year’s crop in the bin, it is time to keep track of those bins.  New technology is making that a whole lot easier. AGI Suretrack has a new system called Bin Manager that will automate grain storage.

“Sensing rods down in the grain monitor the moisture and temperature and tell the system to run the fans accordingly. The system can also identify the specific crop, if it is corn or soybeans — even the exact hybrid or variety — to figure the ideal moisture level,” explained John Lawrence with AGI.

In addition to automating your bin operation, the system keeps you informed in real time.

“A farmer can monitor his bins via the internet from anywhere in the world. He can see the moisture levels and see if the fans are running,” said Lawrence.

The system adjusts to changing local weather conditions and will alert you if any hot spots develop. In addition, climbing bins in the middle of winter to check on grain levels is a thing of the past.

“The system keeps track of the inventory of each bin and is accurate up to 5%,” according to Lawrence.

The system will also send an alert if someone becomes trapped in the bin. Bin Manager can be fitted on both new and existing bins from any manufacturer.

For more information, contact AGI Suretrack. https://www.agisuretrackcommunity.com/hc/en-us/articles/360042470191-BinManager