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Chefs Prefer High Oleic Soybean Oil


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Jimmy SneedSoy checkoff-led trial programs at two restaurants gave chefs a new appreciation and preference for high oleic soybean oil. The checkoff supported case studies at the Inn at Virginia Tech and Firebirds Wood Fired Grill. The chefs at each restaurant say they saw improved fry life, less residual oil and better-tasting products when using high oleic soybean oil.

Mississippi farmer and soy checkoff farmer-leader Jimmy Sneed says these case studies are essential to the future of high oleic soybean oil.

“They have used them, they’ve tried them, they’ve tested them and they’ve performed, they’ve met and exceeded our expectation. We look forward to expanding that to more case studies more widely across the restaurant sector.”

The results of the case studies were overwhelmingly positive, and the Inn at Virginia Tech has committed to moving forward with high oleic soybean oil.

In order for more restaurants to make the switch to this oil, they need to see that farmers can grow an abundant supply of these premium soybeans.

To learn more about the benefits and availability of high oleic soybeans for planting on your farm, visit www.soyinnovation.com.