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From Chicken Waste to Biofertilizer- A New Agribusiness is Coming to Indiana


From Chicken Waste to Biofertilizer- A New Agribusiness is Coming to Indiana

A new agribusiness is making its way to Indiana. Pennsylvania based EnviroKure plans to invest more than $10 million to build a full-scale manufacturing plant in Bluffton, just south of Fort Wayne. Vice President of Commercial Strategy for EnviroKure Sonia Nofziger Dasgupta told Hoosier Ag Today about the technology they’re bringing to Indiana.

“What we have been able to do is develop technology that allows us to extract the nutrients and the microbes that are found in animal manures. And then through a secondary process, cultivate those into a very high-value, high-potency liquid biofertilizer.”

Nofziger Dasgupta says it can be used in conventional agriculture as an amendment or they have a full line of organic fertilizers that have additional nutrients in them.

She says the facility will be state of the art.

“Not only are we putting our plant there, and that plant is projecting revenues north of $25 million a year, but we’re also using that as our flagship for our expansion strategy. So, we’ll be bringing people in from all over the world to look at our technology to deploy it overseas as well as across the U.S.”

She, along with CEO Mark Lupke, are both native Hoosiers. She credits Beth Bechdol with AgriNovus Indiana, the Indiana Economic Development Foundation and the Indiana State Department of Agriculture with helping them through this process to ultimately decide on Indiana.

“The way they go out of their way to make a difference, to make you feel welcome, to circumvent any potential problems that come up, to help with site selection. We could not find this in any other state we looked at. Indiana is truly differentiated when it comes to bringing businesses to town.”

In a release, Governor Eric J. Holcomb said, “With our strong agricultural tradition and booming tech sector, Indiana offers an ideal environment for companies like EnviroKure that are at the intersection of AgTech. EnviroKure has already been a great partner to Indiana and the industry, joining our agbiosciences delegation on an economic development trip to Israel earlier this year.”

EnviroKure plans to be fully operational in late 2019, adding up to 17 well-paying jobs by 2020. You can learn more about Envirokure at https://www.envirokure.com/.