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China Implementing New Import Requirements on U.S. Soybeans


U.S. soybean exports will undergo a new procedure to meet new phytosanitary requirements for shipping to China, starting on January 1. The U.S. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service says the new procedure applies to both bulk and container shipments of raw and unprocessed American soybeans to China. APHIS says compliance with the new rules will be necessary to maintain uninterrupted shipments to China. Greg Ibach , USDA Undersecretary for Marketing and Regulatory Programs, issued a statement saying that the agency worked closely with China and U.S. soybean industry representatives in coming up with an acceptable procedure.

Earlier this year, China said the U.S. soybean shipments that were coming into the country contained too much foreign material in each load, including dirt and weed seeds. Chinese officials said the foreign material exceeded their standards and some of the weed seeds were of possible quarantine concern. Under the new procedure, APHIS will now notify China of any shipments that exceed one percent foreign material. China has assured the U.S. that all shipments will be allowed to continue while America develops new farm-to-export procedures to meet the new requirements.

Source: NAFB News Service