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China Online Mall To Buy Large Amounts of Beef and Pork


JD Dot Com, Inc., says it will buy $2 billion worth of U.S. goods, over half of which will be beef and pork. The deal comes at the same time President Donald Trump is in China. JD Dot Com, China’s second-largest online mall, will buy more than $1.2 billion worth of beef from the Montana Stock Growers Association and pork from Smithfield Foods over the next three years. The company released a statement after a signing ceremony this week, saying that the deal is part of a commitment to buy a wide range of U.S. goods. American companies that made the trip with the president and China announced deals this week worth about $9 billion dollars. China has officially reopened its borders to American beef there hasn’t been a lot of movement yet as only a limited supply meets Chinese import requirements. China is the world’s biggest pork producer, consumer, and importer. JD Dot Com CEO Richard Liu says, “Chinese consumers will rest assured knowing that they will be able to purchase safe, high-quality meat products imported from the U.S.”

Beef is the fastest-growing meat sector in China and the country is the world’s fastest-growing overseas market for beef.

Source: NAFB News Service