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Chinese Drone Maker Introduces Crop Sprayer


DJI Technology of China is bursting into the agriculture industry with a crop sprayer. The world’s top consumer drone maker has unveiled an eight-rotor drone priced at roughly $15,000 that is designed to spray pesticides on crops. The Wall Street Journal last week reported it can spray pesticides on seven to 10 acres of farmland an hour, depending on how much it needs to climb, descend or turn to follow the terrain. The new agriculture drone has a 2.6-gallon spray and can fly for about 12 minutes. The battery-powered DJI Agras MG-1 will be available first in China and South Korea though the company didn’t specify exactly when it would go on sale. The Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, the largest drone trade group, has touted farming as the biggest potential market for drones.  However, the FAA notes that fewer companies are applying for approvals to use drones on farms than for activities such as filmmaking, mapping and industrial inspection.