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Christy Brinkley Older, But Not Wiser


So what does an aging blond supermodel know about biotechnology, food safety, and nutrition? Well, as you might expect, not a heck of a lot in the case of Christy Brinkley. Her latest tirade against GMOs shows that inside the pretty head of hers seems to be a sign that reads room for rent. The only things less credible than the claims she makes are news organizations that give her “news” coverage and take her remarks seriously.

Born in 1954, Brinkley is a model and actress who gained worldwide fame beginning in the late 1970s with three consecutive Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue covers. She spent twenty five years as the face of CoverGirl, has appeared on over 500 magazine covers, and has signed contracts with major brands—both fashion and non-fashion. Said to have that All American look “with her blonde hair, blue eyes, slim figure, and soft features,” she is one of the major celebrities of our time. As such, she feels compelled to preach at us about a number of causes, including animal welfare, the environment, and now food.

“I think there are so many issues with our food industry that are blatantly disrespectful to our planet and us as individuals,” Brinkley tells FOXBusiness.com. In a newly published book in which she tells her “beauty secrets,” Brinkley drags out the same old claims about GMOs and big ag. A longtime advocate for organic food, Brinkley says she finds the amount of GMO food in our diets alarming, “What I don’t like about GMOs is that we’re the guinea pigs.”

As Forbes pointed out, “Brinkley parrots the common misconception that genetically engineered foods haven’t been tested long term. Despite a number of long term studies in animals ranging from quails to cows, several of which span multiple generations.  The ‘I am not a science experiment’ fallacy is hard to shake, due in large part to organic industry messaging. Agricultural biotechnology, which has been in use for over twenty years, has caused zero health problems in humans; nary a sick stomach or a sniffle, and poses no unique threat to the environment, all facts confirmed by more than 2,000 studies, many of which are independently funded.”

And, of course, she just could not resist raising the GMO label issue. “Furthermore it’s not labeled, so we don’t know when we’re the ones eating them,” Brinkley continues. “We have the right to know what we’re putting into our bodies.” This from a 61 year old woman who regularly uses Botox, a toxin that has been proven to have adverse health effects including respiratory failure. Yet, she is bad mouthing GMOs — that is rich.

Biotechnology has the potential to give us benefits ranging from gluten-free wheat for those with Celiac disease to nutrient fortification for populations suffering from micronutrient deficiencies, something Brinkley, who is worth an estimated $80 million, does not have to worry about.


Brinkley, in video sound bites, looks and sounds convincing. Yet if you look a little longer and listen a little closer, the chemically contrived, youthful image begins to fade and the rhetoric just sounds silly, ” I want my food pure. It can be done but, like, Monsanto and these giant companies are just taking over and their disrespect for our health and our rights is really maddening.” What is maddening is that Fox News gives celebrity twaddle like this air time.  Perhaps Brinkley’s next marriage (she is on her 4th) should be to Neil Young, another aging, Monsanto-bashing celebrity.


By Gary Truitt