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Climate Corp gets Aggressive with R&D



climate-disease-insightsThe Climate Corporation is ramping up research and development to bring more digital innovations to the farm while also expanding their Climate FieldView to the international stage in the coming years. The company has 35 projects in their aggressive R&D pipeline, including Seeds & Planting Product Selection, Fertility Prescriptions, and Chief Scientist Sam Eathington says farmers will one day get disease diagnosis and identification from the technology.

“What we’re doing is building that disease triangle and modeling out that disease vulnerability field by field for a grower, so they know what field they need to look at, where they may have an issue, where they need to go to possibly make a decision and be sam-eathingtonproactive in making those decisions instead of reactive when they see the disease. We’ve coupled that with our machine learning capabilities to, basically based on any image, to be able to quickly process what the disease is that’s present in that image and give a grower the proper diagnosis of what the pathogen is, therefore letting them know what the solution is or what action they can take.”

Climate FieldView launched in 2015 and is now on more than 100 million acres across the United States and Brazil. Over 100,000 U.S. farmers are using Climate’s digital tools.

In less than two growing seasons, the Climate FieldView platform has quickly become the most broadly connected platform in the United States and has continued to expand into new global regions, including recent expansion into Canada and Brazil. In November, the company acquired VitalFields, a European farm management software company based in Tallinn, Estonia, marking the company’s first step into the European market. The company plans to bring the Climate FieldView platform to Europe, South Africa, Australia and Argentina over the next few years.

The company is sharing an unprecedented level of detail on its R&D pipeline, which is the broadest and most robust in the digital agriculture industry. “The digital ag industry continues to accelerate rapidly as more farmers experience the value data-driven digital tools can bring their operations,” said Mike Stern, chief executive officer for The Climate Corporation. “At Climate, constant innovation has been paramount to the delivery of our Climate FieldView platform that’s helping thousands of farmers unlock the value of their field data to enhance productivity. Our commitment to innovation is reflected in the breadth and depth of our R&D pipeline, and we will continue to expand the geographic availability of our tools to deliver new digital technologies to farmers across the globe.”

Hear more from Stern and Eathington on that R&D pipeline:climate-r-d-update

Learn more about Climate FieldView through your local Climate dealer www.climate.com.