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Clinton County Farmers Excited About Winning Farm Expo Drone Package


There is a winner of the DJI Mini 2 drone given away at the Indiana Farm Equipment and Technology Expo, and the HAT team delivered the gift in time for Christmas Thursday morning. Marianne Orr is the winner. She and her husband Clint attended the Expo on the final day, and she is excited about winning.

“I think we’ll put it to use,” she said. “We’ve got a lot to learn but we will definitely put it to use, we appreciate it!”

Clint says they have talked about how a drone would be put to use, and he has plans to incorporate it into their corn and soybean operation.

“As we continue to farm and farm bigger and bigger fields, sometimes it is pretty tough to scout at the very back end of the field, so we may use its capability to look for a trouble area and then walk to verify. It’s something we’ve been riding the fence on for a long time and I think along with some other scouting services that we have it will be a really nice addition.”

The Orr’s are in Clinton County with a true family operation.

“We have a son who currently works with us and then I’m on the farm as well,” she told HAT. “I am mainly a gopher getting parts and supplies and bringing meals, but then in the fall I do run the combine for us.”

Eric Pfeiffer, Marianne and Clint Orr, Kim Stockment, Andy Eubank

The corn they grow is white corn for Cargill and non-GMO waxy for Tate and Lyle. Soybeans are seed beans for Pioneer. You’ll also find cover crops on every acre they farm.

Clint’s reaction to the newly re-tooled Indiana Farm Expo where the drone giveaway signup was held?

“Great location and certainly easier to get to than down at the state fairgrounds, and I know that has to be true for the exhibitors,” he said. “Grand Park is an amazing area with how it has developed, but it was great. Great facility, easy to get to. We were part of a Co-Alliance breakfast and one kind of dovetailed into the other, and it was a really great experience all around.”

And it resulted in a fantastic Christmas present too, the DJI Mini 2 drone.

Corn yields this year were a little better than average and soybeans ended about at the average. More on that is in the HAT video.