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Clinton in Favor of WOTUS, Trump Against


The Presidential candidates are split when it comes to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Waters of the U.S. rule.

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton said she supports the rule which seeks to clarify the types of water the EPA can regulate under the Clean Water Act. Clinton says she would work with all parties to ensure “common sense implementation.” She also said she was pleased that EPA maintained in WOTUS the “long-standing exemptions for common farming practices.”

Farm groups, however, tend to disagree and claim the EPA is ignoring the exemption. A target for agriculture, WOTUS is currently under a court-ordered stay. Thirteen agricultural groups are involved in a lawsuit against the rule.

Republican candidate for President Donald Trump says he would scuttle WOTUS. In a statement, Trump called the rule “so extreme that it gives federal agencies control over creeks, small streams, and even puddles.”

This week, Farm Bureau used a Senate report on the Clean Water Act to call on Congress to act on the rule.

Source: NAFB News Service