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Colby Presents ‘The Top Ten Technologies Your Farm Will Need’ at Farm Expo


Ag Tech expert Chad Colby will be one of the featured speakers at this year’s Indiana Farm Equipment and Technology Expo. You see Chad on TV’s This Week in Agribusiness with Max Armstrong doing an agricultural technology segment. The Expo is set for Dec. 14, 15, and 16 at Grand Park in Westfield.

Colby’s presentation is titled, “The Top Ten Technologies Your Farm Will Need”. Some of the basics include the cell phone and tablet you carry around with you.

“And then I’m going to make a lot of folks a little uneasy because we’re going to talk about some of that automation that you can put on your tractors and in your combines now,” says Colby. “We’re talking way past autosteer, and I think those are kind of the big ones right now. The exciting part is really getting people to start to look at their operation a little differently and figure out where technology can make the biggest difference. That’s really what it’s all about right now, especially when we’re all faced with these efficiency challenges and labor challenges, and that’s where technology can really make a big difference.”

That presentation will be Tuesday, Dec. 14 at 2pm. Colby is back on-stage Wednesday the 15th at 9:30am discussing drones with Purdue Extension and drone retailers.

“And this year we’re definitely going to show some forward-thinking equipment. We’re going to show a great little drone that’s $800 right out of the box that weighs as much as a Diet Coke and anybody can fly. It’s super easy, a great scouting tool for very, very low cost. Especially if you’re trying to do any kind of crop scouting, you get that money back really quickly. But then we’ll push the envelope a little bit also. We’ll show some new drone technology where maybe you want to fly 3,000 acres a day. How can I do that?”

Exhibitor space is sold out for the Expo, so plenty of companies for you to come chat with and learn more about. Machinery Pete will also be on the seminar stage Tuesday right before Colby’s presentation. More info at indianafarmexpo.com.

Hear more of my conversation with Colby below: