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Cold Air Brings Rain Next Week


In the latest harvest weather forecast from Chief Meteorologist Ryan Martin, he says we might see some frost Friday night into Saturday morning. Otherwise, the forecast looks dry Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but then more cold air moves in and with it comes some rain.

“The core of cold air it doesn’t really advance exceptionally quick, but we see a lot of moisture in the channel where warm air is battling cold air. That sets us up for the potential of seeing rain off and on Monday, perhaps Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I don’t think we get rain all four of those days, but we will get moisture in there somewhere. And I don’t believe that we’re looking at just one chance, probably multiple.”

Which means harvest progress will be slowed.

“Cold air comes racing back into the Eastern Corn Belt toward the end of next week. We’ll be seeing Canadian high pressure finally trying to take control and bring in that cold core air down into our region. The Plains will be seeing this off and on through most of next week. We don’t really see the full brunt of the cold air until probably Saturday into Sunday, but it is going to be showing up. So, with the yoyoing of temperatures and some moisture around, it’s going to be difficult to see the harvest pace go anywhere close to what we’ve been the past few weeks.”

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