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Cold Nights Hurting Early Season Weed Control


spraying 3An uncharacteristic hard freeze hit Indiana Tuesday evening, and overnight lows will remain in the 40s for the next few days. This may pose problems for early season weed control. Growers would like to get their burndown weed program started as they wait for better planting weather, but cold nights may be hurting the effectiveness of burndown herbicides. Kevin Bradley, University of Missouri extension specialist, says overnight lows in the 40s will have a negative impact on how your burndown products work, “These cold nights can result in these products not working well and growers not getting the control they need to clean up their fields.” He added applying these products during these cold conditions can result in a waste of money.


Of course, waiting until the overnight temperatures  warm up may not be an option either, “If you wait too long, especially with the excessive moisture we have had this year, the weeds can get too large to control; it can be a real toss up on what to do. ”  His recommendation is to spray during the warmest part of the day, “Typically that is between 10am and 3pm. That would be the best time to apply a burndown, especially if you have a cold night in the forecast.”


The long range forecast calls for overnight lows in Indiana to move into the 50s next week. Hoosier Ag Today meteorologist Rob Wasson says, “The extended two week forecast calls for above normal temperatures and near average rainfall statewide.”