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Cold Temperatures and Snow Putting a Halt to Planting


Cold temperatures and snow are back in the forecast this week, putting a halt on planting operations. Agronomist Carl Joern covers northwest Indiana for Pioneer. He says he hopes farmers halted the planter Monday morning due to the forecast.

“Just because the main concern for me, as an agronomist, is I don’t want the seed to imbibe, or take in that very first drink of water, to be a cold one. So, with this snow in the forecast, that would certainly be a cold drink of water for our seeds. So, what that would lead to is a very uneven stand, and it’s those emergence conditions that are most important when we think about the planting operation. We want our planter to go through the field and we want our seed to come up, not necessarily rapidly- that’s not the most important thing, it’s having the uniform emergence, the uniform stand. That’s what is going to give us a great chance when it comes to yield.”

Joern gives his advice as to when planters should start to roll again.

“I want to wait until the soil temperature has returned to that 50-degree mark for an average. In a perfect world, we’d be waiting until we got to 60 degrees because then we have that rapid emergence with respect to our stand. However, we don’t live in that perfect world and there are a lot of acres that we’re going to need to get across. So, when we do get back in the field, waiting until we’re hitting that 50-degree average, that’s going to give us a great chance to come up with some uniform stands.”