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Cold Temperatures and Some Precipitation in the Indiana Farm Forecast


Is snow possible this weekend? This is the Seed Genetics Direct Harvest Weather Forecast with HAT Chief Meteorologist Ryan Martin. Seed Genetics Direct is the Eastern Corn Belt’s fastest-growing independent seed company. Visit seedgeneticsdirect.com to get your Seed Guide with pricing!

We have much colder air moving in this weekend and some are already talking about snow and how winter is here.

“I think that’s overkill at this point,” says Martin, “but let’s be honest- we have much, much, much colder air rotating around the backside of low pressure and it’s going to dominate from right now through the weekend. I’m looking at temperatures being a good 5 to 10 degrees below normal for this time of year, and remember, we’ve actually been above normal for the past 4 to 5 days, so the change is going to feel dramatic over the region. The other thing we’re going to be dealing with, at least in the short haul, is pretty gusty winds as moisture wraps around and the clouds wrap around this upper level low.”

As the clouds wrap in this weekend, Martin says we have to allow for some hit and miss scattered showers.

“I still think most of it’s going to be liquid in type, but we can look at the lakes and say maybe some lake effect sloppy, wet snow will be happening up in north and northwestern parts of Indiana. To me, the bulk of what we see here through this weekend and the cold air is just cloud cover. I’m not looking for a lot more precipitation at this point, and I do think the cold air stays through Monday even though we start to clear out and get sunshine to come back in greater amounts moving through Monday afternoon.”

Martin expects above normal temperatures for Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

“Full sunshine on Tuesday. We should dry down just a little bit, but that warm air gets cut short as another front tries to slide southward next Wednesday, particularly afternoon and evening. Warm temperatures stay through the day, but precipitation could be here on the order of a tenth to maybe half an inch with coverage around 80 percent of the state. Behind that front we are much colder again through the Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday period. We’re definitely seeing a change in the pattern that focuses more on cold air and winter-like temperatures.”

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