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Combatting Mycotoxins in Corn Silage



Corn growers should be aware of mycotoxins as they harvest this fall. Max Hawkins of Alltech’s mycotoxin management says in 2016 corn growers faced challenges from mycotoxins and in some areas of the Corn Belt those challenges could show up again this year.

For corn silage growers, Hawkins says there are steps to take to help prevent mycotoxins.

“Really monitor the crop and get it harvested at the right time,” he said. “Make sure you have it packed. We’re trying to remove as much oxygen as totally possible, and then we want to make sure that silage source is covered. As we begin to feed it out we want to manage the face of the forage so that we feed enough off to help reduce oxygen penetration. Avoid heating which will result in dry matter loss. There’s a lot of things that need to be managed and looked after as guys go through harvesting and feeding out forages.”

Alltech offers forage management help, in terms of evaluating forages for the best utilization.

“We tend to look at a lot of forages, test a lot of forages with our own mycotoxin testing lab called 37+ Analysis Lab and we can come back with a very in-depth look at the forages along with visuals, measuring density, measuring temperatures, analyzing cow performance, and coming up with a program that they can best utilize the forage with the least negative impact on the cows, themselves.”

Growers can learn more online at www.knowmycotoxins.com.

Source: NAFB News Service