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The Combine Monitor isn’t Telling You Everything



As harvest 17 begins, season long evaluation of the crop continues, but now it’s really crunch time. Daniel Call, General Manager of Seed Consultants says considering what the crop has gone through this growing season, he’s not surprised when he hears the range in yields. But Call reminds farmers the combine monitor isn’t telling you everything you need to know about the crop, which is why it is still important to walk fields.

“When you walk through a field you can find some fields where stalk quality is pretty poor,” said Call. “It’s not something the farmer did, but a lot of that is environment related and with the amount of moisture, losing the nitrogen we lost and you look at, we inoculated these plants with every disease possible, so we knew that the potential was going to be there. Now if we have a rapid harvest, we probably get out ahead of that, but with the way the weather is set up and as cool as it has been the last couple of weeks, this doesn’t look like it is going to be a quick harvest.”

And because of a year like this, Seed Consultants has been taking a close look at their seed applied fungicides.

“Our biggest concern is, we can have the best traits in the world, we can have the best germ plasmin in the world, but if we don’t get the stand establishment, what’s it worth?” Call said. “So what we are trying to do is, yeah, we’re going to continue to offer those excellent genetics and those excellent traits, but we are trying to maximize our stand establishment out of the gate for our customers. So we are adding more fungicides and taking a look at the products on the seed in order to do that and that’s why we think we have a competitive advantage over our competition by offering the additional products on that seed.”