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Compromise Reached on Chicken Legislation


indiana-state-captial-buildingIndiana Farm Bureau applauds the efforts of all parties involved in crafting the compromise language contained in HB 1267, which passed out of the Senate Commerce & Technology Committee on Thursday. The bill, which dealt with the inspection of poultry operations and the ability of small farms to sell chicken to farmers’ markets and consumers, had large and small farm interests at odds. “We especially thank Lt. Governor Sue Ellspermann for her leadership in finding a workable solution that addresses the food safety concerns of Hoosiers,” said Kron.

The amended version of HB 1267 provides a framework for scale-appropriate regulation of small farms in the state.  “The steps outlined in the bill, including the creation of an on-farm safety plan and requirements for certified food safety training, increase the certainty that uninspected poultry entering the market directly from the farm is safe for consumers,” Kron said in a statement released Thursday afternoon.  Large commercial poultry operations had complained that exceptions from inspection given to smaller operations posed a food safety threat.

“Indiana Farm Bureau members are in full support of quality assurance measures that provide a safe and wholesome food supply at a reasonable cost to the farmer,” added Kron. Protecting the health of the general public must be the primary consideration of any legislation or regulation adopted said, IFB. The amended version of HB 1267 meets those requirements, and it will give the growing number of small farmers in our state an opportunity to get their products into new markets.