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Conservation Outreach in Indiana Gearing Up for Another Busy Year



The Conservation Cropping Systems Initiative, CCSI is conducting their annual meeting Monday afternoon at the Hamilton County 4H Fairgrounds. Included in the meeting is a review of CCSI Strategic Plan, a review of 2017 in Indiana and a look ahead to this year and next.

Lisa Holscher is the director of CCSI and says Indiana continues as a leader in conservation and soil health efforts. Over a million acres have been seeded to cover crops, one-twelfth of all crop land in the state, and there is more evidence that farmers are committed to the idea.

“In Indiana, only one in about five acres receives some type of cost share or program assistance. All those other acres, farmers are doing it on their own dime.”

Reviewing 2017, Holscher told HAT their organization was very busy, but a good busy promoting soil health in the state.

“We have a history of working with local partners to do a lot of outreach and education on soil health systems,” she said. “Last year alone we were involved in some 88 events and we reached some 5,000 people. I’d say that’s not bad for an organization with a staff of three and a host of partners and volunteers across the state.”

She promises a lot of outreach and education events in 2018.

“It may be a workshop, it may be a webinar. But, we want to reach our farmers across the state, whether they be really deep into a soil health system, or maybe just wanting to learn a little bit more about cover crops, or no-till, or some other practice that relates to soil health.”

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