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Contact Your Seed Dealer Soon if You Want Enlist E3 Soybeans for 2020


Demand Growing for Enlist E3 Soybeans for 2020

Many growers are already talking about a move to Enlist E3 Soybeans for 2020 after they finally received approval in China earlier this year. Some made it into the field for the 2019 growing season and according to Dan Puck, Corteva’s Enlist field specialist, the feedback has been tremendous.

“Exceptional weed control, great yield in the latest varieties, and easy to manage.”

He says that growers are finding Enlist herbicide easier to manage than some of their competitors with little drift or volatility when applied according to the label. With resistant weeds becoming more and more difficult to manage, Puck says Enlist is up to the task.

“Enlist E3 soybeans offer the soybean grower a chance to utilize two different modes of action on these resistant broadleaf weeds. They can utilize Enlist One herbicide, which contains the new 2,4-D choline, and they can tank mix that with a qualified glufosinate product as well. So, the exceptional weed control aspect is what really seems to be driving a lot of demand.”

Speaking of demand, there have been reports that supply might be an issue for growers wanting to move to Enlist in 2020. Many growers I spoke with at a recent Dairyland Seed field day event were talking about moving their operation to 100% Enlist. Puck didn’t speculate on the actual amount of supply available, but he knows that demand for their product is high.

“It’s definitely our intention to fill as much of that demand as possible. We do believe, we feel, we will have a good enough supply to give a lot of folks who want to try and utilize Enlist E3 on a portion of their acres a good chance to assess that and see that.”

It’s recommended that you contact your seed dealer soon if you wish to plant Enlist in 2020.