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Contest to Honor the Spirit of the American Farmer


Relentless as You

Relentless as YouOne way to describe farmers is relentless. They seem to get the job done no matter what obstacles confront them. One national company would like to honor farmers with a new contest called Relentless as You. And the five $1,000 prizes awarded will go into the farmers’ communities.

“Relentless as You is a contest that helps exemplify the spirit of the American farmer,’ explains Dawn Refsell of Valent USA. “I grew up on a farm and understand the resiliency and the relentlessness of the family farmer, being around my dad and my grandpa and my uncles. So this contest focuses around that, outstanding farmers, community outreach, willing to do anything for you neighbor. We hear stories about this all the time in the news.”

With the contest Valent hopes to give further recognition to this spirit so common among farmers. Self nominations or a nomination of your favorite relentless farmer is easy.

“Go to relentlessasyou.com website. You can submit a photo or a video along with a hundred word essay, so not very long. Then we’ll pick 5 winners and each one of those winners get a $1,000 charitable donation to the non-profit of their choice, so really giving back to the community on another level.”

Winners will be chosen in early April and a $500 grant to a local 501(c)3 charity will be given in each winner’s respective local retailer’s name.