Cool and Wet Weather Slowing Planting and Crop Emergence

Lance Shepherd
Lance Shepherd

Indiana is lagging behind the rest of the Corn Belt in planting progress. Mike Silver, with Kokomo Grain, says growers are pushing to finish corn planting this weekend. On the HAT Mid-day Podcast Silver said, “In Central Indiana, I would estimate we are about 80% planted on corn and approaching 40% planted in soybeans.”

Lance Shepherd, with DuPont Pioneer in NE Indiana, is hit and miss with planting activity in his area, “We have some fields that are being planted and others that are still too wet to work.” He told HAT crops that were planted last week benefited from the warm temperatures and growing degree days, but that is not the case this week, “Last week had had corn emerging in 6 to 7 days, but the colder weather this week will slow that rate.” He added that there was a good deal of soybeans being planted and that early germination was good.

Shepherd said, for the most part, early crop development looked good, “Everything that is going in is emerging in real good shape, so I don’t think there will be much of a need for replanting.”  He added growers are hoping for warmer weather next week to hasten drying and improve germination.