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Corn and Soybean Sales Surge


The USDA says export sales of corn and soybeans jumped week-to-week while wheat sales dropped during the week ending on October 14.

Corn sales were reported at 1.27 million metric tons, a 22 percent jump from the previous week and 67 percent higher than the prior four-week average. Unknown countries bought more than 456,000 metric tons, while Mexico bought just over 377,000 tons. Weekly exports came in at 1.04 million metric tons, a 14 percent increase from the previous week.

Soybean sales totaled 2.88 million metric tons, up from 1.15 million a week earlier and noticeably higher than the prior four-week average. China was back in the buying game, purchasing 1.88 million metric tons, followed by unnamed buyers who bought almost 569,000 metric tons. Exports last week came in at 2.21 million metric tons, a 29 percent increase over the prior week.

Wheat sales dropped 36 percent week-to-week to 362,400 metric tons. That’s a six percent drop from the prior four-week average. Nigeria was the top buyer at 98,000 metric tons, followed by Japan at 92,100 tons. Exports of U.S. wheat were 160,200 metric tons, a 65 percent drop from the previous week.