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Corn and Soybeans in 2020 Tell the Tale of Two Yields


Yields are all over the board across Indiana and corn in the northern two-thirds of the state is a good example. It has ranged from 125-150 bushels on higher ground where there was limited moisture to as high as 330 bushels on prime ground right near the Indiana-Illinois state line. In the new Specialty Hybrids Yield Check agronomist Tom Manney also reports a yield monitor that hit 103 during soybean harvest, but other yields are down at 30 bushels.

Manney says it has been a tale of two yields this year, especially for dry land corn.

“When you get up into my area around Ft. Wayne, things got really dry in August, so in the high land you’re seeing lower than expected yields and down on the bottoms you’re seeing higher than expected yields,” he said. “Hopefully everything kind of evens out alright and as a whole it’s been good. As you move south and closer to Illinois over on the prairie soil, yields have been really strong.”

The remainder of harvest Manney is encouraging growers to hit corn harvest hard, even if you have moisture levels not yet down where you would like them.

“Grain prices are higher than expected this year so my ask for guys is, even if your corn is running 20 percent’ish and you like to run it at 16%, I would say go get that corn and get it harvested so you don’t have to worry about standability or further rain events or issues coming in November,” he told HAT. “So up front, pay for that drying cost and really you’re going to come out ahead in my opinion.”

As anhydrous applications begin in some parts of Indiana, Manney says monitor weather forecasts and make sure you spray when soil temperatures are at 50 degrees and will stay below that mark. He also encourages taking soil samples this year and making notes throughout your fields on where weed escapes are and whether you have drainage issues. Hear more in the full Yield Check interview:

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