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Corn Drying Down Fast in Western Indiana


Statewide, the soybean harvest is 52% and the corn harvest is 34% complete.  Ryan Peal, with Pioneer, told HAT that, in western counties, the soybean harvest is nearing completion.

“We have some guys who have finished up on soybeans and some that will finish this week. On average for the area, I would say we are north of 75% done.”

Peal said, in the past week, the corn has dried down significantly and, as a result, the pace of corn harvest has picked up.

“A lot of growers are surprised how dry the corn is. I was on a farm this week, and the customer said he wanted to wait a little longer to let his dry down more, but when we checked the moisture it was 20%. He was shocked.”

Peal urges growers to get the corn in as soon as possible to avoid the chance of lodging this year because of weakened stalks, caused by high yields.

“I would not let the corn stand out there any longer than you need to,” he stated. “No matter what brand or what hybrid, the yield surprises would result in some weak stalks and that could lead to a disaster.”