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Corn Going Down With Wet Windy Weather


Corn Going Down With Wet Windy Weather

Brian Early

With a good deal of the Indiana corn crop still in the field and the weather turning colder, windier, and wetter, more and more plants are being blown down. According to USDA, 41% of the Hoosier corn crop has yet to be harvested. With a change in the weather, Brian Early, with DuPont Pioneer, says lodging is becoming a concern, “The crop has been doing well so far, but, as we move into November, we are beginning to see more problems with stalk integrity.” He added, with good yields comes the likelihood that there may be more lodging, “You sort of have gravity working against you.” He urged growers to check their fields and resume harvest on those that look to be in the worst shape.

While most corn has reached maturity, moisture levels in his area are still running in the upper 20% range. Though this is less than ideal, Early said it was not long ago he was worried the crop would not reach maturity before the first frost. Statewide, the moisture average is 19%, unchanged from the previous week.

As for soybeans, in much of the state the bean harvest is complete, but not in parts of Eastern Indiana. “We will have a lot of soybean fields still out there,” said Early. “The further east you go, the more soybean acres there were planted and that explains the slow pace of harvest.” According to NASS, statewide 80% of the soybeans have been harvested.

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