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Corn Growers Asked to Make Voices Heard on Important Issues


The National Corn Growers Association gave Commodity Classic participants a chance to take action on pressing political issues that will impact farmers for years to come. The NCGA booth featured the opportunity to contact legislators and regulators on the need for a farm bill and the importance of the Renewable Fuel Standard. Even those who couldn’t attend the show can join in efforts to express support for the RFS and for passing a farm bill in 2013 online. NCGA President Pam Johnson urges farmers and their allies to take advantage of NCGA’s legislative action center. She says our representatives and regulators in Washington need to understand the importance of a farm bill and the RFS not only to farmers but to all of rural America. Johnson says a strong, secure agricultural sector is essential to the nation’s economic strength and to our national security. She says we need every voice available to act now if we are to get our message through the current clutter.

NCGA’s online legislative action center can be accessed at www dot ncga dot com (www.ncga.com). Just click on the Public Policy heading.


Source NAFB News Service