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Corn Growers Debunk Latest Anti-Ethanol Study


The National Corn Growers Association today issued the following statement in response to a study released by the World Resources Institute.Statement by Keith Alverson, South Dakota corn grower and a member of the Corn Board:“This ‘new’ study is just more of the same, tired arguments Big Oil have been using for years. They simply are not true. In fact, numerous studies by independent, unbiased third parties have come to vastly different conclusions.


The fact is, ethanol is a very efficient energy source. When calculating the amount of energy used to produce ethanol, from farm to pump, ethanol represents a 40% net energy gain. No other energy source comes close. Ethanol is also better for the environment: reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 110 million metric tons, the equivalent of taking 20 million vehicles off the road.


There is more than enough corn to meet all demands: food, fuel, feed, and fiber. Our farmers have grown the largest 11 corn crops in history over the last 11 years – and we’re doing so more efficiently than ever. Since 1980, corn yields have increased by a remarkable 88%. According to the Field to Market Keystone Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture, over the last 30 years, corn farmers have significantly reduced the environmental impact of producing corn, including 30% less land, 44% less energy, and 53% less water. Corn used for ethanol also performs double-duty as fuel, and animal feed by-product – so we can operate even more efficiently.

It’s time to finally put these arguments to rest, and instead focus on continuing to grow American energy independence and invest in this clean, renewable fuel source.”