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Corn Growers Tell the EPA that the RFS Works Today


With the opening of the public comment period regarding the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal to cut corn ethanol in the Renewable Fuel Standard by nearly 200 million gallons, the National Corn Growers Association urges farmers and their family and friends to email their opposition to this proposal as soon as possible, before the July 11 deadline.

For details on the proposal and a link to send a quick email, visit ncga.com/rfs. Various draft comments are available to enable both farmers and their non-farmer friends to easily send personalized notes to the EPA.

In addition to the RVO written comment period, EPA is holding a hearing to hear from interested parties on the proposal. The hearing will take place in Kansas City, Missouri on June 9.

NCGA and its state affiliates encourage farmers and friends to plan on testifying at the hearing. The association would like a strong corn grower contingent in attendance at the hearing to demonstrate to EPA how its proposals hurt rural America and corn farmers.  This is an excellent opportunity to make the case face-to-face with the actual decision makers.

“We are very clear to EPA about what we want,” said NCGA President Chip Bowling. “It is simple: EPA should follow the statute. For farmers and others in rural America, this new EPA proposal means low corn prices and ethanol plant and industry cutbacks. And for everyone else, it means higher gas prices and dirtier air.”