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Corn Growers Welcomes 114th Congress

NCGA President Chip Bowling and Rep. Rodney Davis (R-Ill.)
NCGA President Chip Bowling and Rep. Rodney Davis (R-Ill.)
National Corn Growers Association President Chip Bowling and staff from the NCGA’s DC office spent Tuesday on Capitol Hill, welcoming the 114th Congress to Washington and talking up the importance of agriculture to the American economy.”We are here to welcome the new Congress, and to encourage them to work together with one another and the Obama Administration to advance policies that help agriculture and family farmers,” said Bowling. “I was encouraged not only by the warm reception we received, but also a hope that lawmakers will set aside past divisions, find common ground, and get things done.”


In his floor speech after reelection as Speaker of the House, John Boehner called on Republicans and Democrats to work together. “I ask that we disagree without being disagreeable. … Every day you and I come here, try to cultivate good seeds, and take care of the pests. And then with patience, sacrifice, and God’s grace, there will be a harvest,” said Boehner. “Let’s make this a time of harvest.”


Bowling said the day reinforced to him the important work NCGA and state affiliates do representing the interests of agriculture in Washington. “We met with Republicans and Democrats, Senators and Representatives, long-time officials and new faces. Everyone stressed the importance of National Corn Growers and our state organizations in giving farmers a voice on Capitol Hill.”