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Corn Harvest Nearing Completion


Most soybean fields in West Central Indiana are done; and, as Ben Jacob with Pioneer told HAT, corn harvest is wrapping up.

“I would estimate we are about 70% done on corn. Most growers I have talked to say they need about 10 more days to finish the work.”

Jacob said growers are eager for the harvest window to open again as there is growing concern about stalk quality.

“I would recommend they not let the corn stand in the field any longer than needed. The stalks may have been weakened by higher than expected yields. In some of the later planted corn the plants went two months without any moisture and that would really weaken the stalks.”

He added that test weights were also affected but generally the yields were above expectations.

Jacob said some growers have already started on fall fieldwork chores.

“We have the chance this year to get some fall fieldwork done. I know some farmers who chisel plowed this year for the first time since 2017.”

Recent rains have made this a bit easier. Jacob also suggested growers begin to think about weed control saying, “A good fall burndown can be very helpful.”