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Corn Planting Complete in Some Parts of Indiana



Dan Emmert
Dan Emmert

Variable weather conditions have lead to a wide variety of field conditions around the state. Some growers are just getting started with planting, while other are finished. Statewide corn planting is 20% complete. In some parts of Southern Indiana corn planting is done, but according to Dan Emmert, field Agronomist with DuPont Pioneer, in other areas it is just getting started, “We have some producers who have just started putting seeds in the ground this week, but I have talked with some others who are done with corn planting.” He told HAT that heavy rains and cool soil temperatures have kept many producers out of the field, but some areas have had enough of a break they could wrap up planting by the last week  in April.

The 2 and 3 inch rains that fell on Southern Indiana counties last week may have caused some problems for the newly planted corn. “In some areas, the seed was washed out and, in others, soil compaction is a concern,” said Emmert.  He is recommending those who are planting this week take precautions to avoid soil crusting, “If you can wait another day to make sure the soil is dry, that would be best and may help prevent side wall compaction which will cause problems later in the season.” He added if you have to plant in wet ground, lowering the pressure on your close wheel will help eliminate the problem. Forecast temperatures of close to 80s next week may make the crusting issue of even greater concern.

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