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Corn Production Forum Added to Fueling Ethanol Workshop in Indianapolis


The Indiana Corn Marketing Council is sponsoring one of the largest and longest running ethanol conference in the world. The Fueling Ethanol Workshop will take place June 9-12 at the Indianapolis Convention Center, bringing together more than 2,000 ethanol professionals from around the world. The conference attracts scientists, business leaders, farmers and media to look at the next generation of ethanol. Attendees will be able to choose from four different tracks: production, leadership and financial management, coproducts, and cellulosic and advanced ethanol


“It is exciting that Indianapolis is playing host to the world’s premier international event focusing on ethanol,” said Ken Parrent, ICMC ethanol director. “This conference is a wonderful opportunity for Indiana to put the spotlight on our state’s ethanol industry and the important role it plays.”


In addition to the conference itself, an Emerging Corn Production Technologies & Science Forum takes place Monday, June 9. The forum will give participants an in-depth look at the latest developments in corn genetics, yield maximization, cutting edge production technologies and corn stover harvest and conversion.


“The forum will be a valuable addition to the conference and will be focusing on the latest innovations in maximizing corn yields,” added Parrent. “The forum is also a chance for Hoosier corn producers who may not be participating in the entire conference to hear from some of the ethanol industry’s leaders from across the world and learn about emerging technologies that they can implement in their own operations.”


For more information on the Fueling Ethanol Workshop and the forum, visit www.fuelethanolworkshop.com.