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Corn, Soybean Farmers Celebrate Ethanol, Biodiesel Choices at New Brownstown Fueling Station

Photo provided by Indiana Corn and Soybean

Without access to consumers, biofuels cannot grow. The Indiana Soybean Alliance (ISA) and the Indiana Corn Marketing Council (ICMC) joined Premier Energy and CountryMark to celebrate a new fueling station and convenience store at 1300 Commerce St. in Brownstown, Ind. Premier Energy owns the new station and offers a variety of soybean-based biodiesel and corn-based ethanol blends produced by CountryMark.

The station will feature Unleaded 88, which is a blend of 15 percent ethanol with regular unleaded gasoline; and E-85, which is 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline. The station will also feature CountryMark Diselex-4 On-Road, which is biodiesel offered in blends of B5, B10, B15 and B20.

ICMC Board Director Tim Gauck, a farmer from Greensburg, Ind., tells attendees at the grand opening of Premier Energy’s new station in Brownstown, Ind., about the importance of ethanol for consumers and farmers. In the background is ISA Board Director Phil Ramsey, who spoke earlier. Photo Provided

“The Indiana Corn Marketing Council is thrilled to partner with Premier Energy to help make higher ethanol fuel blends available to Hoosiers,” said ICMC board member Tim Gauck, who farms near Greensburg, Ind. “Most of the corn we produce goes to feeding livestock, like pigs and chickens. But the second most important use of corn – thanks to checkoff investments – is to power your vehicles with clean-burning ethanol fuel blends that not only improve engine efficiency, but also cost less at the pump.”

Fuel experts agree that ethanol fuel blends improve engine performance in modern automobiles. Plus, ethanol also creates a cleaner environment. Ethanol lowers carbon monoxide emissions by up to 30 percent and reduces carbon dioxide greenhouse gasses by 35 percent versus gasoline.

Indiana is the United States’ fifth-largest producer of ethanol. Hoosier ethanol plants employ more than 700 workers and boost the rest of the state’s economy with thousands of indirect jobs. Ethanol and biodiesel are major demand drivers for Indiana farmers. Biofuels also clean the air, improve engine performance and save money. The ICMC and ISA fund programs to expand the number of biofuels pumps across Indiana and educate consumers about the benefits of biofuels.

“Diesel fuel made from soybean oil – or biodiesel – is one of the very first soybean new uses developed by the soybean checkoff,” said ISA board member Phil Ramsey, who farms in rural Shelby County, Ind. “Soy biodiesel fuel replaces the petroleum of traditional fossil-fuel diesel with renewable, sustainable soybean oil. Soy biodiesel is good for your engine, good for Hoosier health and good for Indiana’s environment.”

Similar to ethanol, soybean-based biodiesel benefits Hoosiers, as well. Soy biodiesel lubricates diesel engines better, keeping an engine’s moving parts from wearing prematurely. Biodiesel improves air quality with nitrogen oxide emissions at near zero levels. Biodiesel significantly lowers emissions compared to petroleum diesel. Because soybeans actually absorb and utilize carbon dioxide while growing, this offsets any carbon dioxide released during soy biodiesel combustion. Finally, plant-based, soy biodiesel is more biodegradable than conventional diesel.

Source: Indiana Corn and Soybean Checkoffs