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Corteva Agriscience™, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont, Announces Seed Consultants® as its Eastern Regional Seed Brand


Seed Consultants, Inc. will expand its regional presence and become the Eastern Corn Belt regional brand for Corteva Agriscience™, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont. As part of the change, some staff from Doebler’s® Pennsylvania Hybrids will join Seed Consultants, along with several Eastern Corn Belt experts from Brodbeck® and NuTech®.
The change is part of the newly announced Corteva Agriscience™ multi-channel, multi-brand seed strategy for the U.S., which will expand access to the company’s genetics, technology and traits.

“Eastern farmers have different needs,” said Daniel Call, Seed Consultants General Manager. “They have different environments, different weather, and we’ve always focused our germplasm and our traits to fulfill those customer needs. As the eastern regional brand for Corteva Agriscience™, we get to home in on that even more and be more laser-focused.”

Popular Doebler’s products, as well as some Brodbeck and NuTech products, will be available through Seed Consultants. Seed Consultants will also have access to a growing pipeline of products from Corteva Agriscience™. “We’re going to have a wider array of germplasm and traits to help deal with weed control issues, insects, weather and more,” Call said.

Sheldon Bender, who previously led Doebler’s, will lead transition efforts and will join the Seed Consultants leadership team in the future.

Daniel Call says that Seed Consultants has experienced rapid growth since its founding, and he looks forward to continued success through these changes. “We’ve added a lot of really good people who know Eastern agriculture. This is going to help us accelerate our growth. People tell us they like doing business with Seed Consultants because our people are knowledgeable, our products perform in the East and we’re focused on helping our customers be more profitable. I can’t wait to see where we’re at five years from now,10 years from now,” Call said.