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Corteva Introduces Biological Nitrogen Supplement Utrisha™ N to Optimize Yield Potential



A new biological from Corteva that provides crops with an alternative, sustainable nitrogen source to optimize yield potential is hitting the market for 2022.

Ryan Ridder, Corteva’s U.S. Product Manager for Fungicides and Biologicals, says Utrisha™ N is their first biological launch in the U.S.

“I’m very, very excited to be bringing it to market for 2022. It’s a nitrogen fixing bacterium that’ll help our row crop growers continue to grow better and more sustainable corn and soybeans.”

He says you spray Utrisha™ N on a growing plant, “typically at that V4-V8 timeframe for corn and soybeans. Soybeans have a little bit wider of a range. Wheat will be a little bit of a wider range gearing it towards that flag leaf stage. But as we spray Utrisha™ N, the bacterium will grow within that plant, and it’ll continue to move as that plant grows to help pull in nitrogen from the atmosphere.”

With fertilizer prices at extremely high levels, Ridder says it’ll be critical for growers to take advantage of every pound of nitrogen that you’re putting out there and adding Utrisha™ N as a supplement will do just that.

“This will dramatically help with efficiency within that plant. We’re still recommending you use your current nitrogen program. We’re not looking to replace nitrogen. We’re not looking to replace our stabilizers. We feel that this is going to be a supplemental form of nitrogen that’s going to help that grower be more sustainable. We’re going to not risk the runoff as we get big rains, we’re not going to risk the leaching throughout the growing season, or as we get dry and that root system can’t take in nitrogen, this nitrogen will be living within that plant year-round.”

To learn more about Utrisha™ N, visit corteva.us.