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Corteva, More Than A New Name, A New Approach


  Corteva, More Than A New Name, A New Approach


Corteva, the result of the merger between Dupont, Pioneer, and Dow AgroSciences, is taking the opportunity to adopt a new set of values for the new company. At a Corteva media event held at their demonstration farm in Boone County, Andy Fordice, Category Leader, told HAT they are taking a new approach to the way they manufacture and market products for the ag industry. He said they want “to try and enrich lives for those who produce and those who consume, to stand tall, to be curious in everything we do, to build together and work together with others in the industry, to be upstanding and ethical and live safely.”

One aspect of this new approach is being an advocate for agriculture. “To tell our story on how safe the food supply is and what a tremendous job the American producer does to feed everyone here in the U.S. and around the world. That is truly an untold story today,” said Fordice.

Some growers have been concerned that these mega-mergers will lead to fewer product choices and higher prices. But Fordice says that will not be the case, in fact more technology and more choices will be the result, “We have to come up with technology solutions for the farmer so they can supply a safe and edible food supply for everyone around the globe with less land and declining resources.”

Much of that new technology was on display at the farm on Thursday. Watch for stories on these new products and technologies on Hoosier Ag Today in the coming weeks.